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The attorneys at Matthews Fox, P.C. in Santa Fe, New Mexico focus their practice on school and education law, and have been concentrating on these areas for over 15 years.  They further bring numerous years of experience in other areas of the law to bear in representing clients in education-related and charter school matters.  Matthews Fox, P.C. provides experienced, efficient, and effective legal counsel with regard to:

  • New school start-ups
  • Acquiring a facility and facility financing
  • Developing and enforcing school policies
  • School operations
  • Employment and human resources issues
  • Charter renewals
  • Mandatory training
  • Challenges to a school’s charter
  • Contracting matters
  • Legal/regulatory compliance
  • Administrative appeals
  • School closure

We represent New Mexico charter schools statewide.  We are here to help.

Contact Matthews Fox, P.C. by calling (505) 473-3020 for a consultation.

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